Enable Tab

Enable the messages you prefer for WordPress from the Enable tab

There are 29 possible messages you can configure, but not all of them are available or desirable for every WordPress website administrator. Thus, you can enable the messages you prefer from the enable tab.


If a message is not available to you, it will not be listed on the enable tab. For example, messages that report “File┬áSystem┬áSpace” and “Memory” require a unix or linux OS. If your WordPress server is Windows, these options will not appear.

Enable the types of messages you wish to receive from the enable tab.

Hiding the first three tabs

When your server has sent you 100 or more messages, you should request a permanent API Key. Once you add your permanent API key to your configuration, three new checkboxes will appear at the bottom of the enable tab. These checkboxes will allow you hide the tabs for “About”, “API Key”, and “Test”.

Last modified March 5, 2021