Privacy service privacy policy

Privacy Policy collects information from you in order to conduct its service. The following information is the only information we collect through the use of API Keys:

  • Your XMPP ID and the XMPP IDs of any recipients included in your API Keys
  • The hostnames of your servers
  • The IP addresses of your servers

This is the information we must collect to run the service. We will never share this information with anyone.

While is in its early adoption period, we will not collect payment information. Once we can accept payments, we will use a trusted third-party such as Paypal to collect payments. We will also accept cryptocurrencies. We will keep the service as anonyomous as possible for the customer.

Cookies on the website

  • Cookies are not used for 3rd party analytics or tracking of any kind
  • Cookies are used to keep a brief session while forms are in use in order to maintain consistency

IP addresses on the website

  • IP addresses are never associated with XMPP IDs through the website
  • IP addresses are collected for the sole purpose of protecting the forms from abuse. The records expire and are deleted from the server continuously, always within 6 hours.
Last modified December 7, 2020