Acceptable Use acceptable use

People use to receive instant text messages about server activity.

The following uses of are acceptable:

  • Use to monitor server activity such as:
    • Events triggered by cron, at, dbms_scheduler, events, or any similar server-side scheduling
    • Events triggered by human interaction with the server such as website visits, the use of forms, and workflows
    • Events triggered by scanning the logs of daemons
  • If you are the authorized representative of a server, you may use to stay informed by XMPP instant messages about anything that the server is used for.

The following uses of are not acceptable:

  • Using to receive messages from any server in which you are not an authorized representative.
  • Using to send spam messages to people who have not agreed to receive them.
  • Using to blast messages at a high frequency. The acceptable limit is one scheduled message per 120 second period per host.
  • Using to deliberately publish “personally identifiable information” (PII) to any chatroom that is accessible to the public.
Last modified February 3, 2021