What you should know about Monitor.chat

How does Monitor.chat work?

We provide you with a shell script that you copy to your servers. The shell script includes a unique API Key in its header. You then create custom scripts that generate informative messages that become the first parameter of the script we provide you. This activity sends instant messages that you can review in your chatroom.

This website includes many examples of custom scripts you can use or modify.

In most cases, you will not have to install any additional software on your server. The script we provide you depends only on the following linux commands:

  • bash
  • printf
  • sed
  • hostname
  • curl

We also recommend that your servers include the command wget. For many, all of these commands will already be installed. Sometimes curl and wget are not installed. Try installing them with your package manager:

# As root or using sudo...
# On Debian or Ubuntu:
apt install -y wget curl

# On Redhat, Centos or Fedora:
yum install curl wget

# On OpenSuse:
zypper install curl wget

# On ArchLinux:
pacman -Sy curl wget

Mutiple Servers Can Use the Same API Key

You can have all of your servers send messages to one chatroom, or you can get multiple API Keys to segregate servers into different groups.

Why send messages to a chatroom?

Most of the messages you receive from your servers will be important to you, but not necessarily urgent. Sending messages to a chatroom will provide you with an updated list, ordered by time, that you can review to ensure that your servers are working properly. We invite you to observe the messages in our monitor chatroom: monitor.e2e.ee@e2e.chat

If something that requires your urgent attention occurs, your server can send a message directly to you and to your chatroom.

Spam Prevention

A monitor.chat script is not a tool for sending spam.

  • A monitor API Key can send messages to one chatroom and to a list of up to 5 authorized recipients.
  • The chatroom you choose for a permanent API key must begin with the word “monitor”.
  • Recipients can reject recieving messages from your API Key by not verifying thier XMPP IDs or by opting-out.

Blast Prevention

You cannot use Monitor.chat to blast multiple messages in a short period. If you attempt to send more than one message from a server within 90 seconds, subsequent messages will arrive with a warning. If this continues, your server will be blocked by our firewall.

Microsoft Windows Support

If you need to monitor Microsoft Windows servers, please stay tuned. We should have scripts for Windows in early 2021.

Last modified December 1, 2020