What you should know about our monitor robot.

Introducing our Robot

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The XMPP ID for our monitor robot is

Add our robot to your contacts

We recommend that you add the robot’s XMPP ID to your roster. This will help to ensure that you always receive his notifications. If you do not add the robot to your roster, you will probably still receive his notifications. This will depend on whether your XMPP service provider blocks incoming messages from anyone not listed in your roster. does not block incoming messages.

Messages we send to you with the robot

It is our policy to avoid sending any messages directly to you using the robot.

We will occasionally send a message to your chatroom using the robot. Messages that we send to your chatroom may include the following:

  • Relevant information about the expiration of your licence
  • Information about expected downtime for server maintenance
  • Links to videos on our YouTube channel
  • Announcements about changes in terms of service
Last modified October 31, 2020