A host is a server. A server is a host.

Your API Key can be used from multiple hosts. Each host you add to your license will reduce the amount of time until the license expires. To find the name of a host, run the hostname command:

edward@ix:~$ hostname

If you have multiple hosts, you will want to know which one is sending you a message. Each message will have the name of the host included in the text at the end of the message.

Can I use the same hostname from multiple servers?

Using one hostname from multiple servers is against the terms of the license you agree to by using It is easy for us to detect this because different hosts will have different IP addresses. Where this really might cause problems for you is that a host has a limit of one message every 90 seconds. If you have multiple hosts sending many messages using the same hostname in a short span of time, their IP addresses will be blocked by our firewall.

How do I add a host to my license?

Just start using the new host. Its unique name will be registered automatically and the time to expiration of your license will be reduced accordingly.

How do I remove a host from my license?

If you stop using a host it will automatically be removed from the license in about 36 hours from its last message. This will extend the length of time of your license accordingly. When a host is removed from your license, will post a notice in your chatroom that a host has been removed from the license.

What happens if I start using a host that was removed from the license previously?

You can start using a host again after it was removed from the license. This will not cause any problems.

How many hosts can I use from one API Key?

There is no limit to the number of hosts you can have posting messages to your chatroom. If you have many hosts, you can segregate them into small groups in different chatrooms by using multiple API Keys.

How do my hosts effect purchasing more time for my API Key license?

When you purchase an extension to your license, you are buying host-months. A host-month is 31 days for one host. If you have 3 hosts, you need to buy 3 host-months to receive 31 days of service for all of your hosts.

Last modified October 31, 2020