Chatroom Avatar

Create an avatar for your monitor chatroom!

Once you have a permanent API Key, create an avatar for your chatroom to make it more appealing. You can create the image with any image editor.

I use Pixabay for royalty free images which can be edited to create avatars.

A good desktop XMPP client such as PSI Plus or Gajim can upload your image to the XMPP server.

Keep in mind:

  • In order to upload your avatar successfully, the file should be between 150 and 250 pixels square
  • A png file will reproduce best as your avatar.
  • My preference is to reduce a high quality vector graphic to fit in a small square, then to crop a square around the area I want to display.

Uploading a Chatroom Avatar with PSI Plus

Connect to your chatroom with PSI Plus. Click the wrench icon to configure the room.

Click the VCard tab. Open an image from the file system.

Add a Full Name and Nickname for your chatroom. Click "Apply".

Uploading a Chatroom Avatar with Gajim

From the menu icon, select Manage Room.

Select Upload Avatar. Choose your avatar image from the file system.

Wait about a minute for the new avatar to appear.

Last modified December 5, 2020