API Keys

What you should know about Monitor.chat API Keys

What is a Trial API Key?

The the first time you request an API Key from monitor.chat, you will be provided a trial API Key. The differences between a trial api key and a permanent api key are listed in the following table.

API Key Features Trial Permanent
Sends how many messages: 500 Continues endlessly
Each host can send: 1 message every 2 minutes 1 message every 2 minutes
Costs Free Free during our early adoption period
License Expires Flexible Extends by Payment
Chatroom Uses Existing Chatroom You Define the Chatroom

A trial API Key has a flexible expiration date. This allows you to test what would happen if your license just expired, or expired 10 days ago, and then reset it to a future expiration date.

A trial API key uses a pre-existing chatroom that may be shared among people testing the Monitor.chat service. You will be assigned one of our three trial chatrooms at random. The idea is to learn how it all works before you create a persistent chatroom to support a permanent API Key. With a trial API Key, you can switch to another room. Choose from among trial.sun@e2e.chat, trial.moon@e2e.chat and trial.star@e2e.chat.

How do I get a Permanent API Key?

Once you have used your trial API Key to send 100 or more messages, you can request a permanent API Key using the same XMPP ID that you used to request your Trial API Key.

How do I Create a Chatroom for my Permanent API Key?

A persistent chatroom will be assigned to your permanent API key. You will need the name of the chatroom as you request the API Key, but the chatroom does not need to exist until we test it. The chatroom name must begin with “monitor”, for example monitor-my-servers@e2e.chat.

We recommend that the chatroom you use for your permanent API Key be on the e2e.chat domain. This domain will not require a server‑to‑server connection for our robot, making it the most reliable domain for the monitor.chat service. If you choose to use the e2e.chat domain, we will create a chatroom for you. You will be assigned the Owner affiliation which will allow you to configure the chatroom in any way you prefer.

Other chatroom domains are acceptable and may make sense for someone who runs his own XMPP server. If you use a domain other than e2e.chat, you must create the chatroom. Your chatroom must meet these requirements:

  • Our robot monitor@noarchive.chat must be able to connect to and post messages in the chatroom
  • The chatroom must be persistent
  • Do not password protect the chatroom
  • Members only is recommended. Make this XMPP ID a member: monitor@noarchive.chat
  • We recommend that your chatroom not be on the public list
  • You may make your chatroom “moderated” so that non-members cannot post messages
  • We recommend that you assign an avatar image to the profile of your chatroom

Once your chatroom has been created and tested, we will create a permanent API Key and provide it to you by instant message. If you need to reach us, please use our support chatroom support@e2e.chat.


A host is a server. A server is a host.


Recipients that can receive messages directly


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What you should know about our monitor robot.


You can recover your API Keys by instant message.

Chatroom Avatar

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Bookmark Your Chatroom

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Last modified January 20, 2021